My Story and How I Found This Sacred Plant
After a car accident in the early 80's, what followed was a long history of pain and trying to find relief through chiropractic adjustments, massage and prescription medications. Nothing worked. Every day, for years, I had constant pain in my neck and arms, so much so that at one point, I had to take a break from my successful floral and party business.


In 1998 I moved to a remote Island in Southeast Alaska where I was introduced to the Tlingit and Haida Natives. They showed me some of the plants growing on the Island and told me about their medicinal properties. It was here that I first learned how to make tinctures, salves, soap and also started living a subsistence lifestyle. I was amazed at what these plants could do and how people that were suffering found relief.

Fast-forward to 2014, when I moved to Northern Arizona, I was introduced to many other plants growing abundantly in the Desert. One of the plants was Chaparral, also known as Creosote. I learned from the Native Americans here that it had wonderful abilities to relieve pain like the plants I used when I lived in Alaska. So I did some research, took herbal classes and began making a salve from the Chaparral plant. I started rubbing it on my painful shoulders, neck and arms and was amazed at how the pain virtually disappeared. I began sharing it with friends and relatives who were experiencing arthritis and chronic joint pain. Their results were amazing too. Finally, a break-through, relief from pain.

Since then, I have added other products made from the Sacred Chaparral plant such as bug repellent, tea, massage oil, sunscreen, smudge wands and soap. These recipes came to me through meditation and Divine Guidance of what oils and compounds to use.

Pain from tissue injury, inflammation or irritation can be debilitating, especially if you suffer with long-term or chronic pain. Chaparral to the rescue . . .Mother Earth's Sacred Remedy.

The Gathering Process

The process begins with gathering the plants in the early morning hours when the heat of the Arizona Desert is cool. Before we gather anything, we begin with a ceremony of asking permission to gather the plants.

Then, we thank Mother Earth for her abundant gift of Chaparral and it's medicinal properties and bless all those who are going to use it.

Treading lightly on Mother Earth, we do this meditation ceremony in honor of Her. Each step of the process, we continue to give thanks for this plant, from gathering to infusion to packaging to bringing it to market.

In all these Chaparral preparations, we use NON-GMO, natural and organic oils and butters, free of any harmful chemicals. We lovingly make these natural products prepared in small batches. And, our first ingredient is LOVE.

And you can enjoy the fragrance many have come to enjoy as the smell of the desert after it rains. If you've ever gone hiking after the rain, this is what you smell.

Our Chaparral is harvested in the Verde Valley of Arizona, where it grows abundantly in our back yard and the surrounding private land areas.