Chaparral - Ancient Wisdom from Mother Earth

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Desert Rain CHAPARRAL / CBD SALVE with 1000mg

This is a natural way to combat pain by applying the salve in layers using
the powerful combination of Chaparral and CBD
(Now with 1000 mg of CBD grown in the Verde Valley, infused in MTC oil)

Can relieve irritated skin discomfort, inflammation, muscle soreness or reduce swelling.

Love, Chaparral leaves and flowers
handpicked in the Arizona Desert
infused with organic olive, grape seed and coconut oils,

1000mg CBD infused in organic MTC oil,
and bee's wax
2 oz. jar

$36.00 each
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Desert Rain Body Salve
Got aches and pains?
Apply sparingly to aches, pains,
topical wounds, bug bites, bee stings,
dry itchy skin.
Re-apply in layers when necessary

Love, Chaparral leaves and flowers
handpicked in the Arizona Desert
infused with organic olive, grape seed and coconut oils,

and bee's wax

2 oz.
$18.00 each
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Desert Rain Bugs Be Gone

Natural and organic insect repellent
with all the essential oils the bugs don't like.
Stop the itch before it starts.
Apply to exposed areas,
re-apply in layers as necessary

Love, Chaparral infused in olive oil, grape seed
and coconut oil, bee's wax,
essential oils of citronella, cedar wood, tea tree,
lemon grass, eucalyptus, cloves, rosemary

2 oz.
$18.00 each

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Scientific studies have shown that smudging actually
changes the ionic composition of the air you
are breathing and can directly reduce stress
in the body and your surroundings.
Smudging is a very powerful practice to clear away
stagnant or unwanted energies in your home, heart or mind.
Be mindful, intentional and calm, let go of stress
and meditate or pray.
Use positive affirmations.
Feel your greatness!

Desert Rain
Smudge Wand

Smudging has been used by Southwest Shamans for centuries in their talking circles, sacred ceremonies and sweat lodges. Let the smoke rise with prayers to Heaven and Earth.

Smudge your sacred space, your home or office, and your body for a
metaphysical cleansing.

Hang in the shower for that smell of
Desert Rain in your bathroom.

$8.00 each
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Desert Rain Lip Balm
For more kissable lips
Chaparral leaves and flowers
handpicked in the Arizona Desert
infused with organic olive,
grape seed and coconut oils,
with shea butter and bee's wax

$5.00 each
in decorative net bag
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Desert Rain Soap and Shampoo Bar

Pure and Simple Peppermint Wild-crafted Soap

Made with natural ingredients that leaves your skin
feeling softer and smoother,
unlike commercial soaps that strip your
skin of its oils with chemicals.

Comes in a specially wrapped netting
that promises rich, moisturizing lather.
Just remove the wrapper and
use in the netting for exfoliation and luscious lather.

$8.00 each
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Desert Rain
Chaparral-Mint Tea

Sacred Medicine to the Native Americans.
Can be used as a body cleanse for the liver,
kidneys and urinary tract,
helps with heartburn or indigestion.
Used in the bath or as compresses
for aches and pains.

Freshly harvested on Verde Cliff Dweller's Mountain,
blessed by the ancestors, ceremony and healing Reiki Energy.
Each pack makes up 20+ cups depending on amount and strength.

Store in the refrigerator for up to three days.
Can be diluted or added to juice.

$8.00 each
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$18.00 each
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Desert Rain
Sunscreen / Massage Oil
As a Sunscreen ... protects, moisturizes and deeply
nourishes dry skin, may protect from sunburn,
replenishing the skin with the moisture
it craves in dry climates.

As a Massage Oil ... rejuvenates, soothes
and calms the body, relax and feel
the warmth of the penetrating
oils that soothe aches and pains,
may rejuvenates sore muscles
and moisturizes dry skin

Also for aches, pains, bug bites, bee stings,
wounds, burns, dry itchy skin, fungus,
skin and hair moisturizer

Love, Chaparral leaves and flowers
handpicked in the Arizona Desert
infused with organic olive,
grape seed, coconut
and sweet almond oils

Desert Rain
Hand Sanitizer

All natural
Chemical free
No alcohol
Spray on hands and home surfaces.

Love, Chaparral leaves and flowers
handpicked in the Arizona Desert,
infused in spring water with
camphor and eucalyptus essential oils.

$7.00 each
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Desert Rain
Chaparral Tincture

Tonic for the digestive system.
alkalizing, detoxifying, cleansing

Chaparral leaves infused in 40% proof alcohol
5 to 15 drops to 1/4 cup water or juice
2 oz.
$28.00 each
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All Arizona Desert Rain Chaparral products are Wild-Crafted in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona
and gathered with ceremony and gratitude
to Mother Earth for giving us this Sacred Plant. 
Each batch is blessed with Love and Reiki Energy.  

My Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with any of my Chaparral Products, 
I will completely refund your money and you can keep the products.
No questions asked. I pride myself in bringing you the freshest and best Chaparral products available.
However, I realize it's not for everyone.
If you are not satisfied, simply email me at
and I will refund your entire purchase.

Thanks for supporting a woman owned business
and trying Arizona Desert Rain Chaparral Products.

The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not considered medical advice.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any diseases.
We make no claims to health benefits.

For external use only.

Consult your physician before use.
Do not use if pregnant or have a history of liver disease.
Discontinue use if irritation or reactions occur.

Chaparral has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes and deemed safe.
Sensitivity symptoms may occur. Be aware of what your body is telling you.
If skin looks jaundiced stop using immediately as this could be a sign of liver toxicity.
Do your own research and educate yourself.
Choose doctors that are knowledgeable with herbs and nutrition.