Desert Rain Smudge Wand

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Smudging has been used by Southwest Shamans for centuries in their talking circles, sacred ceremonies and sweat lodges. Let the smoke rise with prayers to Heaven and Earth.

Smudge your sacred space, your home or office, and your body for a metaphysical cleansing. 

Hang in the shower for that smell of Desert Rain in your bathroom.

Scientific studies have shown that smudging actually changes the ionic composition of the air you are breathing and can directly reduce stress in the body and your surroundings. Smudging is a very powerful practice to clear away stagnant or unwanted energies in your home, heart or mind.

Be mindful, intentional and calm, let go of stress and meditate or pray. Use positive affirmations. Feel your greatness!


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    Desert Rain Smudge Wand

    Posted by Blake Aloisi on 1st Nov 2023

    This was my first experience with this plant and I loved it. I loved burning it after saging my home. The scent is wonderful, and I love the way it fills my home with a good intention setting. On that note, I really appreciate this business's mission to honor the plant every harvesting. It really makes a difference how a plant is brought to you from harvest onward. I am thankful to have gotten to know chaparral through this company.