Arizona Desert Rain

Wild-crafted in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona.

What is Chaparral, the Herb?
Chaparral, is also known as Larrea tridentata,
Creosote (although it contains no Creosote)
or Grease wood (because of its oily leaves).

Chaparral is the plant that you smell after the rains in the desert. It grows abundantly in the Verde Valley of Arizona and in many parts of the Southwest, Mexico and South America. It thrives in hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This unusual medical herb has the ability to secure more water by inhabiting the growth of plants that grow near it.

Chaparral is one the oldest living plants, 11,700 years old to be exact, and has been used by Southwest Natives for centuries. They used it for everything from the internal aliments to topical skin treatments, including sunscreen for themselves and their animals. Traditionally, it has also been used as a bath or liniment to relieve the inflammation and pain of arthritis, and is sometimes used in combination with other healing plants.

The properties of Chaparral far exceed that
of many other plants.

For this we are grateful. Thank you Mother Earth.

Our Chaparral is harvested
in the Verde Valley of Arizona,
where it grows abundantly
in our back yard.

Gathering the Chaparral
First we do a ceremony thanking Mother Earth for her abundant gift of Chaparral and it’s healing properties. Then, we bless all those who are going to use it and benefit
from its healing properties. Treading lightly on Mother Earth, we do a meditation, drum ceremony, song and dance in honor of Her.

We are an Arizona Woman Owned company lovingly
making natural products prepared in small batches.  We use all natural and organic oils and butters, free of any harmful chemicals in our Chaparral preparations.

Each batch is then blessed with a Reiki Energy Prayer.

Chaparral has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes and deemed safe.
Sensitivity symptoms may occur.  If skin is jaundiced stop using immediately as this could be a sign of liver toxicity. Do your own research and educate yourself.
Choose doctors that are knowledgeable with herbs and nutrition.

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Sweet and Sacred Mother Earth,
we are grateful to you.
You, who is a living, breathing, conscious entity.
Oh Goddess of Wisdom, we thank you for blessing us
with healing herbs from the land.
Bless our Sacred Journey on this Earth, your exquisite masterpiece.
We honor your life sustaining blessings as stewards of your land,
with reverence toward all living things.