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"I bought some of the cbd salve this past weekend for my eczema and it has worked wonders! I’ve had eczema since I was a baby, and throughout my whole life I’ve always heard of products that helped with eczema or I’ve taken shots and steroids and been to the doctors weekly and nothing seemed to have worked and I kind of gave up. So this weekend at the farmers market, Grace caught my eye and I had to see what was going on at that stall, not once thinking it there might be a product I would fall in love with. I took a leap with the salve and It’s been a long time since I've fallen in love with my skin again, my skin is soft, my sores are healed, and I smell good! Thank you Grace and Robert for sharing the love."   ~Courtney


"I was on vacation and happened to stop by your booth in Sedona, AZ. A lady gave me a small amount of Chaparral to use on my hands that are affected by Psoriatic Arthritis. I took the sample and rubbed it into my knuckles. By the time I had walked to the end of the market booths, I was very surprised to notice my pain was 75% diminished. I’ve been on infusions and shots of different medications plus 6-8 other oral meds and none have worked. I now mix it with 2000mg CBD and get 90% relief.   I’m going to present this information to the National Psoriatic Arthritis weekly email report and you will undoubtedly get a lot of business. I am retired from 35 years in Emergency Medicine and Family Practice and know  products that need to be publicized."   ~ Ken Plumley


"I absolutely LOVE these products. I discovered it while in Sedona looking for a natural sunscreen, and it has evolved into a daily ritual of grounding, peaceful self-massage. I am so grateful for Grace, the founder and creator, for her products. I gift myself, family and friends, many of her super special products. Every now and then, I'll develop a skin rash, and the chaparral takes care of it. Grace of Arizona Desert Rain truly does put a lot of Love into her work. Thank you!"   ~Austyn G.  


"Lovely and potent natural products that are derived from the amazing Desert Chaparral. Grace was a student of mine in desert healing plants and took the knowledge beyond all expectations creating a line of products that, along with a natural diet, will insure great well being and immunity."   ~ Ditoh, Natural Wellness Practitioner, Herbalist, Jerome, Az


 "I wanted to leave a quick review of the Chaparral Salve which I have been using for over 3 years now. This salve has been unbelievable for me and the pain relief it provides from my arthritis, especially in my hands. It is non-staining and absorbs rather quickly, and above all that it feels so great to apply and the relief the next day is incredible (I usually apply it before bed). Just wanted to say a big thank you for creating this salve which has quite literally saved me."   ~Virginia Rose 

"I have arthritis in both my hands and really bad on top of my big toe. The foot surgeon told me it was one of the worst he had seen but since I have been using your salve it hardly hurts at all (I hike all the time) and my hands are better too! This product is amazing. I have tried a lot of things but nothing has helped like this product."
~Joyce Rodgers

"I love the Desert Rain products! And, really enjoy the fact that the first ingredient in these products is LOVE! I live in the Arizona DRY heat and use the Body Salve as my moisturizer for my face! The soap is really sudsy and never drying, big plus for an aging body."
~Linda L.

"I've lived in the dessert for 10 years. This is the first product that is keeping my lips and the sides of my mouth from cracking in the summer heat.  I've tried many herbal and organic products, but even with constancy application, I could never find relief before this product.  This Chaparral Salve Product soothes so nicely!!!   I use the Arizona Dessert Rain Body Salve for everything-- lip moisturizer, face cream, body cream, on bug bites, you name it. My sensitive skin loves it! 

"Simply, this body salve works! Its soothing to the skin, is great for pain 'BE GONE" wherever I applied it. Some of the symptoms that I used it for: headache, 'neck stiffness', knee/joint relief after a long day of hiking or walking. Right now I'm using the salve on a dark spot on my hand to help even the skin tone. This salve is very easily absorbed by the skin and leaves skin supple and hydrated. I purchased this particular brand because the origin of the ingredients which are locally grown which include the lovely healing frequencies of Arizona Grace, who is the creator of Arizona Desert Rain products, and has a beautiful, loving presence, which I feel is incorporated into her products. Give it a try and see for yourself!"
~Dyann S.

"GRACE is very passionate about her products and the care she puts into them. I do enjoy them and sometimes put the salve on my dogs coat to help soften her hair."
~ Karen A.

"I purchased Grace's 'chaparral body salve' at her booth in Sedona Water Works. I haven't tried using it so much for aches and pains, but for skin irritation on my hands from working outside all day. I was getting very dry cracked skin and mild eczema. I have been using this for about 3 weeks, morning and night, and it has helped tremendously in reducing the irritation. I highly recommend this natural salve, especially for us desert folks!"  
~ Mike M.

"The products are wonderful and every time I use the healing salve it reminds me of the desert after the rain."
~Roz W.

"Just as I was texting you my thoughts about a bug body spray I got a double mosquito bite and a second welt showing up next to the first one. I think this mosquito was pissy hearing my thoughts because he knows how awesome your product is and he's spreading the word to all the other pissy mosquitoes and No-see-ems. I know that little creepy mosquito is in the house but he has left me alone since using Bugs-Be-Gone, but he is probably reporting to his commander right now with the situation. I hope they're all terrified and leave for Las Vegas or somewhere else."
~ Jammie M.

"I found you at a Farmer's Market several years ago when we did a trip to the Southwest. I bought some of your salve and have been a fan ever since." 
~ Megan

"I use Arizona Desert Rain Body Salve for everything-- lip moisturizer, face cream, body cream, on bug bites, you name it. My sensitive skin loves it! Give it a go, you won't be sorry!"
~ J. Martin

"I purchased your Chaparral Salve at a craft show and I am amazed how quickly it works to relieve the pain of my knees. I even used it on my dog's sore joints."
~ Susan

"I'm very happy with your products that have helped me a lot with my itching back .Thank you so much. Chaparral is a beautiful product." 
~Lisa D.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your body salve. I just love it and use it almost every day. Thank you!"
~ Heidi F.

"Thank you for the salves, the pain relief is very nice, got a pulled hand muscle, getting some relief. Much gratitude to you and your products."
~ Brenda W.

"I received your beautiful package today. It came at the most perfect time. Thanks! Your products sing so sweetly with my Soul. I am in deep gratitude for you and your gifts to the world."
~ Austyn P. G.

"I met you yesterday at the farmer's market, and bought a jar of Chaparral. WOW - my back felt about 90% better ALL DAY yesterday! I am going to use this product one day on / one day off all week as a test (sorry, I'm a scientist), but so far I am very pleased. And I love the smell - it reminds me of my childhood days in west Texas. THANK YOU!!!"
~ Kelly


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